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President of Excelolife LLC.
Marcia Reefer President of Excelolife LLC./ Weight Management Consultant, Product Developer, and Researcher
Excelolife LLC. is a weight management consulting business located in New York City.  Our company's goal is to develop new weight-loss products to help combat the overweight and obesity condition that is prevalent throughout the United States and around the globe.
Product Development
We are proud to be the first to develop a new method and system of weight loss,  namely Portiongenics®.    Our Portiongenics weight loss system will revolutionize the way Americans eat and exercise.
Our weight management approach is based on Portion Control/ Portion Sizing, Calorie Control, and Physical Activity to assist in weight management.
Portion Reducer® And Portiongenics® Weight Management System
Portiongenics Weight Management System incorporates our  patented scientific food portion measuring apparatus, namely the Portion Reducer®  (that accurately and directly measure the proper portion size of food ), the Dietary Guidelines 2010, USDA My Plate, BMI, (Body Mass Index)  BMR, (Basal Metabolic Rate) and 16 weeks exercise program.
Weight management is all about the amount of calories consume.  Our system of weight management will help consumers better manage their weight through our method of Portion and Calorie Control.
At Excelolife LLC, we know we can enrich lives if we can help people enhance their health and well-being through healthy eating and exercise.
Healthy Living through Innovation
We strive to make scientific advances in developing and marketing viable weight management products that are affordable, of high-quality, and user friendly. 
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